Your wedding ceremony should be as individual and unique as you are. You can have your ceremony wherever, whenever and however you like in Australia. My job is to guide you through the legal aspects associated with getting married and helping you to feel relaxed and comfortable through the process. By law you must give one month’s notice of your intention to marry.

Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a new baby brings great joy and a Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to introduce him or her to friends and the whole family. It is a nonreligious ceremony but still gives the parents, guardians and sponsors the opportunity to affirm their hopes and dreams for the child. Generally parents have this celebration for their child as a baby however older children, adopted children and adults may also benefit from a Naming Ceremony. With many mixed denominational families this is an ideal and fun way of celebrating an important tradition.

Commitment Ceremonies

Australian law does not permit same sex marriages however many couples want to show their love and commitment to each other with a “wedding” and celebration shared with their family and friends. This joyous occasion can be anywhere and anytime in Australia and is your choice how simple or extravagant you would like the ceremony to be.

Renewal of Vows

Many couples like to reaffirm their commitment and love to each other at various stages of their lives. Celebrating a milestone such as a Silver Wedding Anniversary or having the “wedding” that they may have missed out on due to circumstances or just because they feel it is the right time. This can be as simple, elegant or as full on as you wish. There is no legal component to this ceremony.


Funeral services are designed to reflect the character of the deceased and will be a celebration of the life that has passed. I will make sure that this ceremony is dignified, caring and respectful. There can be opportunities for family, friends and even children to share memories and take part in the service in a caring and friendly atmosphere. Funeral services can be held in many locations and be themed as the person would have wanted.

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